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Thursday, January 5, 2017

AUROGLOW Deluxe Home Whitening System

Are you a teeth whitening addict or nah? Suppose I say nah! Well I can say is that this is so far one of the best teeth whitening home kits around, and is ranked the top ten best teeth whitening kit in 2016, this is a nice quality brand. I am a first timer, well besides using whitening strips and mouth washes, but this was actually my first time using a teeth whitening kit. Okay now on to the review....

 Everything was packaged nicely and was very easy to open. All of the parts came as expected. The instructions are very well detailed and prompted. The process took me a little over 30 mins and waazingggg -- my teeth was on fleek. Nice pearly white teeth. However I have sensitive gums, and I did not experience any pain or sensitivity around the gum line of my mouth. My mouth was a tad bit watery due to the gel, but somehow I was able to pull through without any discomfort. I noticed within 45 minutes or so my teeth was starting to whiten up a bit, within a week my teeth were very pearly white. Also within a few weeks or so I added to my teeth whitening experiment by using teeth whitening toothpaste and mouth wash. 

To sum things up a bit, you can treat your teeth in the comfort of your home without anyone around. Also the price is very affordable with a top quality brand. I highly recommend this product for first time users and/or very well advanced users.

Get to whitening I say!