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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


As long as I have been living it never occurred to me about using lotion for instant relief. Seriously though INSTANT relief! We all have known and used itch-relief cream but LOTION?!?! Welp thanks to the help of Influenster I was selected to review a product for complimentary testing purposes.

The magnificent product is by yours truly Curel. I received a full size product of the lotion and a travel sized body wash. The lotion is the truth, it instantly relieved my dry itchy skin on contact. You know that itch you get form wearing socks for too long, or when your skin is uberly dry and all of the sudden it begins to itch, well so long to itchy skin, because I just sprayed. lather it up, and it dissolved instantly into my skin--that's it!

Oh my apology, I failed to mention that it has a spray nozzle--yes my friends that is correct; instead of opening or screwing off the top of the lotion you just twist to unlock then spray, BOOM!

How cool and convenient is that? I mean it hits directly on to contact and provides INSTANT releif. Its very simple just like that. It lathers up smoothly and dissolves within a blink of an eye. Also it leaves your skin moisturized as well. I am totally convinced about this new product from Curel, how can one lotion simply do all of that stuff? Well apparently the body wash does exactly the same as the lotion, but it is used to wash your body instead. Also with the body wash has the same ingredients as the lotion, and it does the same instant relief job as the lotion does as well. My kids enjoy the comfortableness of an itch relief lotion. They complain to me all the time about their itchy skin, and having such an amazing new lotion to rub on their skin is grateful.

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